Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

tests with carved drawings

As I've been getting more and more enthused about tree-branch drawings on my hand-built pieces (as mentioned in this post) I've been bringing this interest to some functional-ware as well... and testing out oxides and glazes. 
Inspired by the mid-fire results I'm seeing on my 'study day' with Shane Kent (where all our work is fired to cone 6) I'm also considering transitioning to cone 6 for all my functional-ware.
Small test pieces (or sake cups) with carved drawing inlayed with a copper carbonate and iron oxide slip and glazed with a translucent satin glaze with lithium carbonate in it. Cone 6 fired.

Two (each side) as above contrasting with the middle one which has the same oxide slip but a satin glaze without lithium carbonate was used, and it was fired to cone 9. The colour result on the middle one is less interesting in my opinion.  

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