Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Thursday, 4 December 2014

glaze frenzy... market approaching

Yes, it's definitely that time of year when studio time becomes all about clearing the shelves and getting everything glazed and fired. My end-of-year market commitments are minimal (deliberately so because I've recently resumed part-time botany work and time is super scarce) but none-the-less there is almost a compulsion to have the shelves clear and the work all finished!

My sole Christmas market appearance will be at Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market Saturday 13th December:

I also have some pieces for sale at SMALLpieces, the ceramics gallery at Northcote Pottery Supplies in East Brunswick. (They're having a 10% off special there for this first week of December by the way). And Dee from Wild About Melbourne is stocking some of my work at Northern Regards Artisan Market this weekend.

As I take stock of what I have for market I notice that I've spent no-where-near enough time making popular items like mugs and bowls... instead I've been getting carried away with what I'm calling my 'she-oak series' - vessels of various forms on which I'm impressing gestural marks using she-oak foliage (as mentioned in my previous post with one example of the finished effect). Here's a little more insight into the post-bisque stage of the process:
some of the vessels from the she-oak series, glazed and waiting for oxide

applying the black iron oxide so it runs into the she-oak impressions

rubbing back with steal wool to reveal the impressions (I'm still experimenting with ways of doing this - it's tricky removing enough oxide from the pot to get contrast without also rubbing it out of the impressions... and it's also hard to keep the glaze clean!)

I'm hoping in my next post I can share a group shot of the finished group. I'm excited by the idea of exploring this technique with a range of other foliage types... especially grasses and other fine things as I love the gestural marks. I was lucky enough to visit the Grampians National Park last weekend and I was seeing inspiration everywhere.
shadows of grass against rock - loving these lines!

This final image, also from the Grampians, doesn't really relate to my current work but it just reminded me so much some recent rock-like raku creations of Georgia Harvey's that I couldn't help take it - especially as Georgia's exhibition of these pieces opens in Hobart at the end of this week!