Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

tactile tea bowls and beakers

A few images of new work to share with you. I've been focussing on tactile qualities of drinking vessels.

Some mugs where the stain in the slip has had a nice melty effect on the oatmeal glaze.
Beakers  - oxide is brushed on before bisque, then the botanical inspired design is scratched through the glaze, adding texture.

I have the prototype of the tea bowls shown below in my kitchen and it's become my favourite to drink from because I love the feel of the textured, unglazed clay against my hand. 

Vase and tea bowls with impressed texture and iron oxide (unglazed) on the exterior - nice to hold!

Close up of the textured tea bowl.

A little pourer.

Still life of vase and beakers