Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Thursday, 30 October 2014

pod vases and she-oak drawing

Among the various beakers, mugs and bowls that have been making their way off my wheel and through the kiln recently there have also been some vases of various sizes which I've been having fun with. 

With some I've been exploring the effect of vertical striations on a full, rounded bulb shape... hoping to evoke a ready-to-pop seedpod by pushing grooves into the inside surface while the clay is still wet. 

pod vase
With others I've been exploring 'drawing' with she-oak foliage... rolling the vessel onto she-oak needles when leather hard. I really like the gestural marks this leaves behind on the clay surface and have been trying to accentuate them using iron oxide.
vase with she oak drawing and iron oxide
For a look inside the studio, here are a couple of process pictures from my Instagram postings... you can find me on instagram at @riverwife_studio

Thursday, 2 October 2014

market! new tea beakers, bowls and the odd jug

A sample of the latest work out of the kiln.... and info about the market I'll be selling these pieces at next friday!

Bowls with leaves around them
Tea bowls with iron oxide stripes and a rustic glaze (thumbprints included!)

Not sure whether to call these 'tea beakers' or 'tumblers'?

A round-bellied jug with unglazed exterior

Come and visit me at the twilight market - I'd love to see you there!