Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

tactile tea bowls and beakers

A few images of new work to share with you. I've been focussing on tactile qualities of drinking vessels.

Some mugs where the stain in the slip has had a nice melty effect on the oatmeal glaze.
Beakers  - oxide is brushed on before bisque, then the botanical inspired design is scratched through the glaze, adding texture.

I have the prototype of the tea bowls shown below in my kitchen and it's become my favourite to drink from because I love the feel of the textured, unglazed clay against my hand. 

Vase and tea bowls with impressed texture and iron oxide (unglazed) on the exterior - nice to hold!

Close up of the textured tea bowl.

A little pourer.

Still life of vase and beakers


  1. Ah, the elegant simplicity makes my heart break. How can you make such humble objects so beautiful? It must take the most subtle eye, the most restrained hand, the deepest breath.

    1. Such kind words Rebecca. I think my process isn't quite as meditative as all that but your comment inspires me to make it more so. Thank you.