Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

regarding Instagram and Northern Regards

As I'm sitting down to write I find I have to (yet again) reconcile myself to having missed the moment to blog about all the little interesting studio happenings, internet findings, profound (ceramics related!) thoughts etc of the past few weeks. I'm finding these things move on so quickly that blogging about them is for far more dedicated bloggers than I am. One of my major blocks to posting is getting some decent images and then loading these on the computer. Sounds simple, I know, but somehow it just doesn't happen. So, I've joined Instagram! Ah, the joys of smart-phone photography.

For a few months now I've been loving listening to Ben Carter's podcast Tales of a Red Clay Rambler, and it was discussion of potters and social media on some recent episodes (e.g. Carole Epp and others on Epidsode 68, Witney Smith, Episode 69) that nudged me towards Instagram (my previous thought was 'I'm already so bad at keeping up with facebook and blog posts, the last thing I need is a new form of social media!'). But I'm into this now - it seems like a great way to keep an electronic visual diary with the added benefit of cross-pollination with the visual diaries of others. I'm still a bit clue-less about how to find the relevant people to follow (hashtags?? whaa? would love someone to explain) but even just following a few others has been rewarding.

I'm in a bit of a transitional place with my work right now... I'm very excited to be having a stall in a bit over a week (Sat July 5th) at Northern Regards Artisan Market (it'll be my first time at Northern Regards, and it's their 1st birthday... so there will be special celebrations, prizes, champagne etc - should be very fun!). Markets give me a bit of a hurry along to finish things and a slight adrenaline hit. Simultaneously, I'm trying to shift down a gear in my work. I feel like I've been rushing forward, eager, in fact anxious, to build my skills and establish that I am 'serious' about my ceramic work. I've had a persistent sense of unease about this though, like the faster I rush forward the more disoriented I become. So I'm trying to slow down.

Come and find me on Instagram @riverwife_studio 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

kids' mugs

I've made a few kids' mugs. These chubby-handled mugs are smaller and a bit sturdier than those for grown ups and they have some little garden-inspired illustrations on them.  I think the idea was planted when I saw kids' mugs on the blog of US potter Emily Murphy quite a while ago (and we have a need for them in our household!). 

I have some new ones (similar but different) hopefully going in for glaze firing this week and am looking forward to seeing how they turn out!