Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Monday, 7 April 2014

Ann Ferguson landscape workshop

Enjoying getting reacquainted with a well known landscape.

As a diversion from the pot-making that I've been so preoccupied with for the past two years, I did a workshop called 'The Contoured Landscape' with Ann Ferguson back in February (hosted by Northcote Pottery). Ann makes beautiful miniature worlds in clay. I don't think she has a webpage or blog but there are some great images of her work in this Craft Victoria blog entry which profiles an exhibition she had a few years ago.

My creation in the workshop was a little landscape based on the main features of Hobart. I made it with my kids in mind, especially my daughter, who spent her first three and a half years in Hobart and still has very fond memories of it. I'm happy to report she loves is! She loves putting a little house where ours would be in the landscape and figuring out where her friends houses would be. I made it so that the landscape contours are not fused, so the hills can also be moved if play calls for it! It's a fun and simple process - next time I'll get he kids into the making process, not just the playing at the end.

My three year old also enjoyed it - his hand here photographed by his big sister!
The clay we used was Feeneys Red Raku and Feeneys Buff Raku (they allow most features to be solid rather than hollow at this scale). I've only had this work bisque fired but am thinking a higher firing might be worth it just for bringing out the flecks in the Buff Raku.

Was really great to do something different, but now I'm back to the pots (and loving it).

And today I happened to notice this blog reached 2222 views - if only this was my 22nd post that would be perfect, but alas it is my 21st!