Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Monday, 6 January 2014

Glass Gallery... and 2014!

Ahh, so back to it! Since I last posted here I've had a very lovely break spending time with my family before and after the Christmas/NewYear period, including a sublime beach camping holiday before the holiday crowds hit.

It was a very lovely surprise to return from this trip to find an email from Georgia Harvey (super raku enthusiast who writes a great blog over at Slip Resist) inviting me to share an exhibition space with her at the Northcote Town Hall Glass Gallery this January (it's a large glass cabinet on the first floor). I was thrilled to accept the invitation, although disappointed I didn't have more work to choose from! (November and December were certainly slow making months for me). Never mind - I scratched up enough work and Georgia and I set up our show last week - an excellent outcome was we got to meet in person for the first time. (This is a rather bad image taken with my iphone, but Georgia took some nice images and put them on her facebook page - check them out here).

It was really nice to see some of my pieces displayed in this way - so different to setting up a market stall or just showing friends in my dusty backyard studio environment. I absolutely love Georgia's bowls, with their rich colours and all sorts of shimmery, crackly, special raku effects set off against the smoke-blackened raw clay body. I especially love her cluster of bowls set up on tall foot-rims that to me resemble stalks or tree trunks - they look like a little copse of trees sitting on the top shelf there. I was a little worried my work would look too matt and drab next to Georgia's glittering raku glazes but in the end I though the contrast was very nice.

So - a great new experience to start the new year! I've been grappling constantly with questions about which direction to take my clay work as 2013 has wrapped up and 2014 gets under way. I feel like I learnt so much last year, yet I still feel a very very long way from a level of technical proficiency that would allow me to make in the more expressive way that I crave. Or perhaps it's not so much the technical hurdles that make me feel distant from my goals, but the distracting thoughts about how to make the whole pursuit financially sustainable! My questions about direction haven't been resolved but at least I'm now refreshed and ready to give some energy to making again.

Happy New Year.