Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Sunday, 24 November 2013

reflections on vessels - in print

I'm trying to coax myself back out of my blogging hiatus, because I do actually believe blogging is helpful for creative focus. The problem is, when I'm going through a little soul searching period, trying to figure out where I want to go with my making, why I'm making, how I can make it possible to keep doing it, I'm naturally introverted - and blog wary!
Anyway, I thought it could be a good time share some of my exploration of vessels in printmaking from a few years ago (these were done in my first year printmaking class at University of Tasmania). They help to remind me of the vessel-love that got me to this point of making in clay. Without searching too hard for the words to articulate this... it has something to do with the held space, interiors and exteriors, reflections (from held liquid) and shadows/held darkness. Sorry the image quality is pretty bad (so don't bother trying to view them larger). How are you supposed to photograph 2D work so that you don't get a fish-eye effect I wonder?
**UPDATE: in my haste to get a post up and linked into mudcolony during its final weeks I forgot to provide the link to it - sorry fellow mudcolonists! For anyone who isn't already on board - have a look while it's still here in this form - soon it will be a facebook group only: MUDCOLONY
Vessel - etching and drypoint

bowl reflections - screen print

holding - monoprint

bowl of apples

holding - woodcut