Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Busy pinching

Tiny pinch pots were my thing this week. Seeing these mini pinch pots together reminds me of lichen spore bodies (as shown - not very well -  in this earlier post). Starting to get some glazing done too... so hopefully will have some images of finished works some time soon.
A collection of mini pinch pots. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Skepsi exhibition at Montsalvat

I just managed to make it to "Expressions of Self" ceramics exhibition out at Montsalvat. It was the final day today. So glad to have managed to see it - heaps of inspiration here.
Peter Rushforth jars from the exhibition

You can read a review of it from The Age here. And Adriana Christianson made a great post a week or so ago with images of many of the works.
Today it also happened to be an open day at Montsalvat, which I was oblivious to until I arrived there. It's been years since I've visited this facinating and hugely atmospheric artist colony/art centre and I really wish I had more time available today to enjoy the arty festivities that were going on in the glorious spring sunshine. As it was, I had left my other family memebers at a nearby park saying I'd be 'back soon', so I kept my focus on the ceramics exhibition. The open day did flavour my exhibition experience though. Not only was the place totally buzzing with people but myself and the maybe 40 others in the exhibition space/entrance way while I was there were treated to a seemingly spontanous operatic performace. Without any introduction a performer started playing the piano on the stage area, then a man near the stage who I thought was just milling around like everyone else joined in with his powerful voice. The two were then joined by a woman (again, who I though was just part of the crowd ... although my eyes were on the pots throughout this, so I'm not really a trustworthy witness!). Wow - what a way to see a ceramics show - it sure did add a different element to the experience. In a good way. And I'm not normally one to appreciate opera!
Exhibition highlights for me were works by Dean Smith (fragility and beautiful detail to edges and seams in his large work) and Simone Fraser (organic texture and graceful form in harmony).
I wonder if there are any more posts about the show over at Mud Colony!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

More stencilling... and a big pot on the way

A very quick post just to prove to myself I'm still at it. I have a shortage of photos of finished works of late because I'm still messing around with inefficient and mostly unsuccessful glaze tests (aargh!) and letting bisqued work build up on the shelf. 
I do have fun with slip from time to time though. And I'm making a big coiled vase - really enjoying this scale actually. Just need a bit more time!

Some slip/stencil decorated mugs in progress (have put handles on by didn't take a photo yet)

Large coiled vase under construction... nearly finished actually. (Just sitting on the wheel because it's a easy height to work on it from, not wheel thrown at all as you can see).
Hello to the friendly ceramics folk at Mud Colony - you inspire me to keep focused and keep blogging, thank you!