Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Thursday, 24 October 2013

stencilled ware and some other recent pieces

In clean-up and take-stock mode right now, with last week's market now behind me. It was a great market evening - lovely to receive affirming feedback from the friendly Made 'n Thornbury market goers (as well as several dear friends who visited - thanks guys). 

Had a good (much needed!) studio clean-up this week and recycled some clay, so nearly ready to start making again. It feels good - out with the old, make space for the new!

Seeing as I had a big photo-taking session before market day I thought this was also the perfect time to get a few more images up here of finished works  (some of which have now found new homes). 
coil built vase with stencilled iron slip

iron slip stencilled beakers

iron slip stencilled little beakers/sake cups?

more slip stencilling ... experimenting with green stained slip and handles
little bowls for salt or whatever... they also serve as glaze experiments
more surface experimentation on a pinched vessel

little pinched and carved vase

coil built vessels with carved designs and iron oxide rubbed surfaces - both these have some little cracks that opened up between coils in the bisque firing... past posts have shown these in progress
That's it from me for this week! I've been a bit out of sync with Mud Colony the past couple of weeks but will link in with other clay folks there this week - will be good to see what others have been doing! (The Mud Colony facebook page will soon be the place for this blog-sharing, so check that out too)


  1. I love your stenciled pieces..simple but very pretty! I also love your bowls...the brown glaze on the interior is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! That brown glaze is two glazes, one on top of the other ... an experiment that payed off (more details in my previous post if you're interested!).

  2. These look so profesh (both the pots and the pics!)
    I particularly like the mugs with the handles. They look like the perfect shape to be sipping from, lovely fine edge. Done on the wheel?

    1. Thanks Georgia. Yes, those mugs (and most of the stencilled ware) is done on the wheel. I haven't graduated from beginner status yet. I seem to be vacillating between feeling competent (for the basic forms I'm attempting - which is good!) and entirely incompetent on the wheel at the moment... this week was an incompetent one, so your compliment is well timed for my morale ;-)