Seaweed pinch pot

Seaweed pinch pot

Sunday, 4 August 2013

musings about pots

Why make pots? Even ones that aren't really designed to have anything put in them?
From time to time I love to ponder this. What is it about pots that keeps me so enthralled? They can be just so wonderfully satisfying to make and to behold. Their essence and meaning sometimes seems crystal clear to me -  and other times it is entirely illusive. It seems there are many deep-thinkers in the ceramics world on what draws us to pots, and I've come across a few lovely pearls of insight from some rather awesome artists (not in-person, just to be clear, these are gleaned from the books and on the web).

Steven Heinemann (Canada)

"I'm interested in the character of contained space, and see the interiors of these vessels [bowls and open vessel forms] as a kind of terrain over which one can roam. It's also protected space in which your attention is concentrated, perhaps held for a time. So the bowls reflect my renewed interest in a more intimate framework, the power of which lies precisely in its limitation, its familiarity, its universality." (this quote is taken from The Ceramic Surface by Matthias Ostermann (2002))

David Roberts (UK)

"For me the vessel represents a touchstone, a constant, a point of reference and an expression of timelessness in a world of flux and accelerating change." (from his page here)

"Circularity and roundness are potent symbols of resolution in a world of complexity and fragmentation"(quote taken from the book Naked Clay - ceramics without glaze by Jane Perryman (2004))
Elspeth Owen (UK)

"The pots, I think, emerge more from my memories of holding and of being held than from any study of art or nature." (from her website here)

I really love that last quote. Wish I'd thought of that one myself.


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